Carpentry Courses – More Money In It Than You Think

As any experienced carpenter would know, carpentry also requires smaller carpentry hand tools. These tools may be regarded as precision tools which work best for putting the finishing touches and other kinds of work that require careful handling. Some of the most basic tools in this category will be discussed in this article.

For your convenience, it is highly recommended that you get a tool belt. This serves as a holster for hand tools that you can carry around with you. No need to worry about misplacing tools and wasting precious time finding for them. Consider having one an investment to make your work much safer.

A tape measure is among the most common carpentry  Carpenters Reading hand tools that should be at your disposal. These have the simple job of allowing you to make measurements but these are immensely helpful. The standard tape measure can measure up to 25 ft. It is made of durable materials which should last a long time.

A speed square and carpenter square on the other hand are used for more accurate measurements. These are typically used around corners to determine the correct angle. It may look like an awkward tool but you will use these more often than you can imagine.

One of the most versatile carpentry hand tools is still the hammer. Even with power tools, it still remains a reliable tool to have around your belt. The average hammer weighs 16 ounces and should be enough to fulfill most jobs. However, there are options for both bigger and smaller jobs.

For trimming work, a handful of levels make your life much easier. These are simple tools that help you determine if your work is in the proper level for both horizontal and vertical orientations. You may need more than one for different kinds of jobs.

Your selection of carpentry hand tools is not complete with a pair of end cutters. As the name implies, this tools is used for nipping the edges and pulling nails. It comes in a variety of sizes that is suitable for just about any job you may have. The seven-inch model should be enough for most jobs.

Having a stud finder around your workplace is helpful in finding studs. You will need this especially if you want to find the frame lumber inside the walls. This saves you a lot of precious time and decreases your error rate dramatically. With this function, it is no wonder that it is one of the most helpful tools at your disposal.

A carpenter’s workplace is a hazardous place with all the carpentry hand tools around. With the proper safety gear though, accidents may be prevented from happening altogether. Safety glasses protect the eyes without obstructing the view. Knee pads and work gloves protect other parts of the body.

Carpentry hand tools can be found at your local hardware stores. Other sources such as online auctions and resellers are readily at your disposal as well. Either way, be sure to check for the quality of these tools before making a purchase.